Warning: these drops be ADDICTIVE. 

If ever I could imagine non-greasy, non-gross moisturisation for my actual eyeballs, this would be it. 

In fact, this is how I imagine the purest, most non-irritating water would feel on my eyes–if non-saline water could feel GREAT in eyes. 

These drops are cooling, refreshing, and, like… They literally feel like I’ve just taken a deep breath of fresh, pure oxygen! 

(Aka not-painful in my lungs, and not-blinkiness in my eyes! If you are a fellow-allergy-afflictedness person, may God have mercy on you.

And not just coz you can understand what I am saying, while others may feel as though I’m on crack or something, which I am NOT, btw.)


But you know, as much as I love these drops, they really are addictive.

Not only do they seem to work less-“YES!!” as days go by, but you will feel as though you need to put these drops MORE-often, and will soon even feel as though you can’t even be NORMAL without them. 

Maybe I am the only one who experiences this, though, and in truth, this “syndrome of addictedness and tolerance” is not limited to eye drops (in my life), so it could truly be just me, hence my lack of hesitation in recommending this to *you.*