It’s very simple, really: If you’re ABLE to change your outfit, you TOTALLY SHOULD! It’s not just about “BO,” it’s about bacteria and grime and cold sweat that congeals on your skin and feels BEASTLY.

If you have a fever, if the AC ain’t working, or if you’ve been unable to shower (for whatever reason), don’t wait till you CAN shower in order to change.

Even if you can’t have a half-hearted sponge bath, seriously, just CHANGE your clothing. It’ll do wonders for your mood (and might even make you get that much better… THAT much quicker.

For serious, yo.)



YES, this DID, in fact, help me out when we lost power for two days during Hurricane Irma. (THANK YOU,  FPL, for getting the power back on as quickly as you did! May God help those who still don’t have any–and those who are still dealing with the aftermath!)